Cliffe Castle- #wanderthoresby goes really long….

Regular readers of this blog will know of my ongoing research intersts in stately homes and country houses, and especially their fortunes post-World War II. I have also previously written of my particular interest in Thoresby Hall and its occupants, the Earls of Manvers, and espoecially the last Countess Manvers, Marie-Louise Roosevelt Pierrepont, an accomplished…

Thoresby Hall

The end of the country house as we know it? Thoresby Hall, Hardwick Hall and Alton Towers and the legacy of WWII

Alton Towers is probably not something you would expect to find mentioned in a blog devoted to Renaissance issues and written by a Renaissance art historian, but bear with me on this one. Because what interests me about Alton Towers is less it’s incarnation as one of Merlin Group’s most successful theme parks ( Wikipedia…