MOMA to make thousands of exhibiton images available online

I think the time has come to add another category to my blog: miscellaneous and useful links…. Like many other researchers and avid users of social media, I come across interesting links and resources on a daily basis, and on all too many occasions, I then promptly forget to do something with the information I have come across. Or worse, I lose it. So, in this new section of the blog, I will try and curate links of interest, to create an easier way of locating them.

First up, a New York Times News release about MOMA’s move to make mages of historical exhibitions available online.

Maybe this is not everybody’s cup of tea, but this will be a fascinating teaching and research resource. Exhibitions are very powerful ways of telling stories about objects and asking questions, and the way exhibitions are curated is ever -changing. So, the images released by MOMA will allow  me to use them for teaching my students. I can bring up images of historic exhibitions in the classroom and we can as a group analyse how images have been grouped; we can look at the textual narratives accompanying the exhibition. We can look at how the images are hung- white walls or not? Are there any other objects in the room? Who tells the stories in a particular exhibition? And many, many more questions.

Always grateful for suggestions for further links!




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