reflections on seminars

Many thanks to solemnsea on writing up ‘reflections on seminars’- her recollections describe a seminar on one of my most cherished mosules, Renaissance Luxuries, and I am here reblogging this piece as a gret example of how seminar-based small group teaching encourages deep learning and reflection. Of course, seminars do a lot more, and can also help with social transition to university, and foster a sense of belonging.I have written on my seminars on this blog under the ‘Teaching’ tag, and certainly there is a blog post about the seminar here referred to,


I haven’t often thought about the best way I learn things, but when I went on exchange to the University of Nottingham from 2013-2014 it truly opened my eyes. At my home university, Western, although I haven’t been a big part of the Art History department (in fact, the majority of my Art History credits came from Nottingham) there are only really seminars once you get to fourth year. Now I can only speak for the Art History and Classical Studies courses, as these are the focus of my degree, but I have learned that I best contribute and engage with information in the seminar setting.

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