#wanderthoresby- Reflections on the legacy of Marie Louise Roosevelt Pierrepont, Countess Manvers


If, as the early 1960s advertising slogan stated, Thoresby Hall was the Heart of Sherwood Forest, then Marie-Louise Roosevelt Pierrepont, Countess Manvers was surely the Art. The Lady in the cream jacket, skirt and hat, that the residents of Thoresby Park would routinely come across seated amongst the trees, faithfully recording and cataloguing the life of the Estate in her water colour sketches much as one might do today on iPads and cell phones.

As someone who lived the first thirteen years of his life on Thoresby Estate, formative childhood years during which I observed and encountered the Lady in question at work, I offer this article in response to Nottingham University’s exciting  “Wandering Thoresby” project. See also a previous blog post on #wanderthoresby outlining this project.

Born in 1889 as Marie-Louise Roosevelt Butterfield, the future Countess Manvers exhibited a passion for art at an early age. So it was…

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